Mold Testing

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The mold inspector will take samples of the mold, airborne or stationed, and send them to our professional laboratory. This part of the Advance Restoration Remediation inspection is not free; there is a fee that is applied to this service.

The mold testing will entail the following:

  • Tape/Bulk/Swab (taking samples of the visible mold)
  • Air Sample (taking non-visible air spores)
  • We also offer Asbestos Testing (if needed)

The laboratory results will take approximately 24 to 72 hours. When the results are given to Advance Restoration Remediation, we immediately send a copy of the results to the client with a letter explaining what molds were found and what effects they may cause to your health. Per the results of the laboratory results, the inspector will advise for or against remediation.

Mold Remediation

ARR will submit a written proposal to the client for possible remediation for the property. The proposal includes:

  • Background information given by the inspector
  • Estimation of Technician
  • For Your Information
  • Laboratory results (if applicable)
  • Health Effects of Mold
  • Scope of Work
  • Limitations, Liabilities, and Exclusions
  • Contractual Agreement/Monetary Terms
  • Contact Information and Accreditations

After the client has received the proposal, it is at the client’s discretion to call Advance Restoration Remediation to schedule remediation for the property. The client and Advance Restoration Remediation’s representative will collaborate with the time and date of remediation. A crew of certified mold remediators will arrive at the property at the scheduled time and date. All water infiltration and intrusion issues must be addressed prior to Advance Restoration Remediation’s remediation of the property to prevent mold contamination to the same area.

The mold remediation process includes the following:

  • Set up Polyethylene Containment Barrier
  • Set up Negative Air Machine
  • Remove any damaged materials and discard in 6-mil polyethylene sheeting
  • HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Air) sand and vacuum any contaminated horizontal and/or vertical surfaces
  • Apply anti-fungal biocide with sprayer
  • Encapsulate with anti-microbial paint
  • Apply cold-mist air fogger (if applicable)
  • Treat the HVAC system (if applicable)
  • Re-build or build-back any items that were removed during remediation (if applicable)

Once the remediation has concluded, the project manager will then inform the client of mold remediation completion and schedule a post remediation testing to ensure all mold has been removed from the area, upon the client’s request. A Certificate of Remediation will be issued to the client either when the remediation is completed or after the results are provided from the post- remediation testing.

The Certificate of Remediation is a warranty of our remediation treatment for either six (6) months or one (1) year. This will guarantee that if the area we remediated has any mold contamination within the certificate’s designated time period, we will come back to the property and remediate the area again for no charge.

Customer Follow-up

The follow-up will occur when we have completed all remediation and testing. The project manager will contact the client to ensure that the remediation was satisfactory and to see if there are any further questions they would like to address.


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