Why are Mold Test important?

Did you know that mold is everywhere? Yes, both indoors and outdoors. It is important to have mold testing completed because a having a healthy environment to live and work in depends on the kind of mold present and how much mold is there. We are all exposed to mold...

Wet Basement Problem: How can I correct a Basement Mold Problem?

It’s almost spring and the last thing you need is a basement mold problem. When you have water in your basement, you cannot enjoy the additional square footage it provides for things like your home office, entertainment room, child playroom, exercise/rec room or just...

How can Mold Removal services tame my Winter Allergies?

Are you suffering from extreme winter allergy symptoms? If yes, there may be mold growth in your home. When homeowners spend too much time indoors, it increases their likelihood for unhealthy mold exposure. You can reduce your mold exposure by hiring a professional...

How should I address bathroom mold removal?

Do you smell a musty odor in your bathroom? Do you see mold growing on your shower walls, bathroom floors and bath tub? Then it’s safe to say you have a bathroom mold problem and need to have bathroom mold removal performed immediately. Why is bathroom mold removal...

What is the key to mold prevention?

Are you surprised you're experiencing mold problems? You keep your home clean & tidy as possible, yet you smell an unpleasant odor. You see black mold growing on your wall. What's really the problem? What's the key to home mold prevention? To resolve a mold...

What are common winter mold growth problems?

Mold growth in the winter is dangerous as any other mold growth. The only difference is that mold spores can grow more during the winter cold weather. Winter mold growth happens because our modern homes are sealed up to protect us from the cold but that makes our...

Why should you have a mold test performed before your holiday party?

Are you hosting a holiday party? You’re pretty busy holiday decorating your home but have you inspected your home for safety? Mold growth and moisture problems can make an otherwise wonderful holiday party a horrid occasion. Luckily, you still have time to have your...

Advance Restoration Remediation (ARR) is a mold remediation company provides superior environmental services for residential and commercial mold removal, testing, water restoration services, and HVAC cleaning services throughout Maryland, DC and Virginia.

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