The Dangers of Using Gypsum Drywall

The Dangers of Using Gypsum Drywall

Do you know whether your drywall is actually dry wall? Recently Gypsum, a Chinese drywall, has been spreading throughout the construction industry. This would not be a problem if Gypsum had the same moisture control as authentic drywall. The moisture content of Gypsum...

How To Resolve Water Damage And Avoid Mold Amplification

Do you know how to avoid mold amplification when it comes to water intrusion or dampness? If you do not, we are here to tell you how to locate and remove it. Read below to get started. Water leaks often originate from roofing and window system failures. You do not...

How Your Home Can Give You Stachybotrys

Do you know what Stachybotrys is? If you do not, we are here to tell you and how Stachybotrys can get in your blood stream. You can get Stachybotrys from your house. Read below to get informed and learn how to prevent yourself from danger in your own home. What is...

LEED 2012 : New & Improved?

 There are new details on 2012 version of LEED, a green building program. LEED 2012, updated by the U.S Green Building Council (USGBC), will include updates to the Materials & Resources (MR) credit category. The updates have write-in comments and include changes...

Are Mold Remediation Standards Outdated?

Do you think Mold Remediation Standards are outdated? If yes, you are not alone. Many people believe it is time to toss out mold remediation guidance and standards. The Indoor Air series of conferences, presented by the International Society of Indoor Air Quality and...

Advance Restoration Remediation (ARR) is a mold remediation company provides superior environmental services for residential and commercial mold removal, testing, and water restoration services services throughout Maryland, DC and Virginia.

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