What is the key to mold prevention?

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Are you surprised you’re experiencing mold problems? You keep your home clean & tidy as possible, yet you smell an unpleasant odor. You see black mold growing on your wall. What’s really the problem? What’s the key to home mold prevention?

To resolve a mold problem and protect your home from mold in the future, you need to identify how to properly control moisture in the home. Mold growth can happen anywhere in there home where there’s too much mold build up.

There are good molds and bad molds. Good molds can create penicillin and decompose organic matter outdoors. Often at times outdoor mold spores can enter the home undetected. Once the mold spores land on a moist surface where they can thrive, you can experience a potential mold problem. Mold can spread rapidly in your home if you put mold eradication on the back burner.

Where can mold grow in your home?

Virtually anywhere in your home. Mold can grow on food, carpet, walling, ceiling tiles and paper materials. If you have leaking pipes or moisture condensation present, you should have those water problems serviced as soon as possible.

By overlooking your mold problems, you are compromising your health and the structural integrity of your living corridors. The best strategy to protect life and property from mold problems is to have a professional mold remediation technician develop you a mold preventative plan that addresses potential moisture problems. There’s no such thing as mold proofing your property but a mold remediation technician can make your property as mold resistant as possible.

What will the professional mold remediation technician do to protect your home from mold?

1. Dry up wet areas and eliminate sources of moisture buildup.

2. The mold specialist will make sure your property has proper ventilation systems installed. Bathrooms, the kitchen and your laundry room should always have excellent vent systems.

3. The mold specialist can provide you a list of mold resistant products you can install for your home such a gypsum board. For the best mold prevention, the mold specialist should identify how to keep the indoor humidity of your property in the 30%-60% range.

Mold is a major threat to your quality of home living. Mold can kill family pets and make family members very ill. Although the fungus can grow year round, there are ways to keep mold growth under control.

Remove moisture, limit warmth and reduce food supply for mold spores. If you smell a musty odor, see discoloring throughout your home or see visible mold, you need to hire a certified mold remediation company.

Advance Mold Environment is here to handle both your mold remediation and lead removal services during the festive holiday season. You can count on us as our trusted environmental service company for your residential and overall restoration service needs.

Advance Mold Environment, a mold remediation and environment restoration company, can inspect your home or commercial business for asbestos, mold /lead exposure, water damage restoration services, and provide other indoor solutions.

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